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Photography is like a treasure hunt. The search for that one photograph. The one that takes my breath away and stills time. If only for a heartbeat. That one and only that one is good enough for me and the people I team-up with. My work, a passion-driven evolution of a hobby, has so far rewarded me with something I value more than all the prizes I have won: professional relationships and good friends. That is why trust remains the foundation of everything I do.

I acknowledge talent, but believe in hard work. Creativity that surpasses pure technical perfection. I was born into a digital world, but still have the luxury of remembering the smell of developer and fixer. Photography has always been and remains my way of life – a constant search for moments worth capturing, creative concepts worth bringing to life and people's stories worth telling.

Do everything for what you dream or think that is in your strenghts! There are hiding geniality, strength and magic in the courage.

Client Testimonials:
When he draws with light, not only images occur. Emotions and relations become tangible, caught in the timeless beauty of the moment. As once Hemingway wrote the shortest story by using only six words, Ciril creates stories by a single click of his camera.
Jure Pozun, Creative Director, Imelda Ogilvy

Seneca did not know Ciril, when he said: As is a tale, so is life: not how long it is, but how good it is, is what matters. My book with his photos is proof for that! What a great talent!
Ziga Vavpotic, Globaldreamvision

Working with Ciril was inspiring. He has this enthusiastic, spontaneous and convincing approach to photography that I enjoyed a lot. Hats off to Ciril!
Trkaj, musician

Futura DDB, Imelda Ogilvy, Telekom, Barcaffe, Mercator, Europark, Marketing Magazin, Gloss, ...


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